Asbestos Removal in Birmingham

What Exactly Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is most commonly known as a toxic substance that has an immense negative impact on human health and wellbeing. Up until 1999, asbestos was widely used as a construction material in the United Kingdom. But eventually, its harmful effects led to its prohibition. That being said, asbestos can still be found in a lot of houses and buildings constructed before the late 1990s. This is why both home and commercial property owners must inspect their properties for asbestos testing in Birmingham the first chance they get.

If you have already inspected your house and have found asbestos, now is the time for you to contact an asbestos removal in birmingham. Trying to get rid of materials that contain asbestos in your house can be extremely dangerous because it poses serious health risks. Also, the removal and disposal of asbestos without a license is illegal.

When Does Asbestos Become Harmful?

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos is not harmful until it is disturbed. If the material containing asbestos is broken down or treated without professional expert knowledge, things can go very wrong in a very short time.

Once disturbed, asbestos has the tremendous ability to expel fibres that can then make their way into your nose and the throat’s mucous membranes when you breathe. These fibres can be removed, but if you swallow asbestos, some of it can go deep into your lungs or the digestive tract. The fibres can cause severe health issues if they are stuck in the body, such as contributing to the growth of various cancers. Other diseases that can be caused by asbestos lodged in the body include asbestosis, a serious respiratory disease, and mesothelioma – a very rare cancer.


Roof with Asbestos

Asbestos becomes a danger when it is dry, as you can crush it in your palm easily. Dry asbestos includes adhesives and even sprayed-on asbestos. The floorboards and the tiles are at risk of coming in contact with water, which is normal in domestic properties which leads to asbestos forming. Call Asbestos Removal in Birmingham now so the tiles can be removed quickly before the potential dangers raised by asbestos fibres take over your property.

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How Can I Check My House For Asbestos?

One of the biggest reasons for asbestos testing in Birmingham is to discover if asbestos was used in the making of your home. Just to be on the safe side, start by inspecting your house yourself.

If you have vinyl floor tiles, any form of linoleum, duct insulation used in HVAC systems, or plaster on the walls – there is a chance your house has asbestos. Furthermore, keep an eye out for asbestos in the glue which was used in your wooden flooring, your siding and roofing substances, and even your window caulking and glazings. Also, check out your cement pipes, pipe coverings, corrosive chemical containers, roofing products such as coatings and sealants as these are common sources of asbestos. Don’t forget to inspect heating vessels, boilers, older laboratory equipment, and even the conduits for electrical wiring as asbestos can grow anywhere.

Why Is There Asbestos In My House?

Your house might have asbestos growing in it for several reasons, some of which are:

Your house was built before 1975: That was the period when asbestos was used
everywhere in construction.

Your ceilings were installed before the 1980s: Harmful particles and fibres might have made a permanent home there, which is harmful to you and your family.

Your apartment or house is located in an older commercial building: In this case, the asbestos is mostly hidden and hard to locate.

Even if your house is fairly new, there is a huge chance of asbestos growing there. Asbestos mostly grows in tiles and damages them seriously if:

● The tiles are extremely old.
● There is an increased and consistent vibration in the tiles.
● The overall structure of the tiles has weakened due to water damage.
● Some physical damage has been sustained by cutting, buffing, scrubbing, heating, or melting of the tiles.


How Can I Get Rid of Asbestos From My Home?

If you have figured out the source of the asbestos, try not to remove it yourself as you can be exposed to even more dangerous fibres. You might even spread the asbestos particles. Even more so, causing irreparable damage to your lovely home.

Your best move will be to call a professional asbestos removal service to ensure that nobody in your home is being harmed. Once the testing is done, you will get a review specifying what type of asbestos is located, where it is, and how dangerous it can be for the residents.

If no tests are carried out to verify the existence of asbestos, then different materials containing it will continue to infect your house and harm you. You should, therefore, use maximum safety procedures when performing the job yourself. However, the better option always is to call a certified, qualified specialist that deals with asbestos removal in Birmingham.

The services and expertise of our professionals are geared towards the safe removal of asbestos, no matter where it is growing inside your house. Our asbestos removal specialists provide secure extraction and follow-up monitoring to ensure that the interiors do not have any remaining asbestos fibres or debris.

After the asbestos testing, you find out where the asbestos is and what triggers it, which helps you prevent it from growing in your house again.

What Can We Do For You?

If you are on the lookout for companies for the best asbestos testing in Birmingham, you have found us.

Asbestos Removal Company provides surveying, sampling, monitoring, and removal of asbestos with utmost professionalism and knowledge. At Asbestos Removal Birmingham, we make sure that each member of our staff has completed extensive training with years of industry experience.

Our company realizes the significance of the care and experience required for asbestos removal in residential, rental and commercial properties. So, if you want to remove asbestos from your pipes and roofs and get the proper worth of your money, Asbestos Removal Company Is always here to help you.


Asbestos is only dangerous if you disturb it and it turns into a powder form that can crumble in your hand. When this happens, fibres are released into the air and if you inhale them, it can damage your lungs severely. If left alone, asbestos is not dangerous at all.

Asbestos can be treated, cleaned and disposed of solely by asbestos removal professionals. If you try to remove it yourself and something goes wrong, it may lead to exposure to asbestos, which can cause multiple diseases related to asbestos.

Check vinyl floor tiles, glue, plaster and all the linoleum in your house for asbestos. Keep an eye out for tears, abrasions or water damage if you suspect that any part of your home has asbestos in it. If you discover any sort of damage, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call for an inspection instead.

Your house may have asbestos if it was built before the 2000s, located in an old commercial building, if the glue used in the tiles is damaged or if there has been any kind of water damage.

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